Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cards Against Humanity: The LotFP Expansion Pack

White cards:
-A blob that meets the bare minimum requirements for godhood
-An alien wearing a goat penis
-A first-level fighter with a man-catcher
-A wizard named Wiki Dot Pod
-A tentacle monster that is better than any man
-1600s England, devoid of whimsy and wonder
-Alice in Wonderland with vampires
-Finally finishing Death Ferox Doom
-Space Aliens that can't stop crash-landing next to purple cavemen
-A wizard trapped in his own summoning circle who doesn't know how to say "please"
-Controversial rants on Google+
-Death Box Doom
-A first-level spell that could end the world
-Mistysparkles, the Clip-Clopping Dark Lord of the Fey
-A spell that is really Metal because it makes your guts come out
-Doppelgangers that are so good at doppelganging that you don't know if you're a doppelganger
-Shooting a dragon with a gun
-A rapier
-Witches fighting for social justice
-Four different ways to randomly generate monsters
-Village of 320 Orange Men ruled by “His Beneficent Dominance,” a neutral 8th-level Fighter.
-Controversial rants on Blogspot
-Playing Dungeons & Dragons with porn stars
-Save-or-die traps
-Putting all of your skill points into Architecture
-A game of D&D that is actually Satanic
-Mummy brains
-A severed head that begs you to eat it
-Elves that use every bit of their human prey
-A serial killer who wears an elf's skin like a bathrobe
-A monster that makes you shoot black acid out of your genitals
-A scarecrow that destroys teamwork
-Dwarves who are really embarrassed about their past
-Playing "Where's Waldo" with the halfling
-A horny medusa
-Space squids who want our brains
-A creepy fairy queen who wants your seed
-Controversial rants on pretty much every RPG forum

Black cards:
-Anyone who ingests the purple lotus powder becomes _____ for 2d6 turns.
-The Knights of Science are immune to _____ as long as they never tolerate _____.
-I cast Summon and accidentally conjured _____ with 40HD.
-The party's reaction to _____ proves that we don't need a sanity mechanic.
-What character class is the Flame Princess?
-What's in the treasure chest guarded by the save-or-die poison needle?
-What's so Pleasant about this Red Land?
-I asked a question of the mirror named Lucifer, and it replied "_____."
-I got so angry about _____ that I moved to Finland and started a zine about _____.
-Our folly has unleashed _____. Forgive us.
-Hell Vomits Its _____
-The latest and most popular Bumblebee Bandit novel is Revenge of the _____: No Dignity in _____.
-The final puzzle of The Grinding Gear: _____
-Introducing our new mascot, _____, who dies in her first appearance
-_____ saved D&D.

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