Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Death Frost Doom Playlist

So I'm running Death Frost Doom this Saturday. I don't usually play background music during our group's games (the players usually take care of that), but running DFD is sort of a special occasion, and a lot of people have recommended using creepy ambient audio to enhance this most atmospheric adventure. So with some help from my wife, I put together a playlist on Youtube. (I can't guarantee that the link to the playlist will always work, so I'll list the songs/videos below as well.)

The Celtic Frost and Samael songs were recommended in the 2014 version of Death Frost Doom. Sunn O))), the Sicario soundtrack, Sakrateal, Nadja, and OM were suggested by various people on Google+. There are a ton of great suggestions there (and elsewhere) that I haven't used as well. Sunn O))) was also recommended in several other places that I don't currently remember, and I used the TV Tropes page to pick out specific tracks.

Swans is a band I'm very fond of, and I think they fit the adventure perfectly. (I also used their song "Animus" in my preview for that adventure on Facebook, as discussed in the linked post.) Doom 64 just has an awesome and super disturbing soundtrack by Aubrey Hodges, who made similar fantastic soundtracks for other video games, like the Playstation port of Doom. The other videos on the playlist were suggested by my wife. She also picked out which Doom 64 tracks to include on the playlist, narrowing it down to the ones she found the scariest or coolest so I wouldn't end up just playing the whole soundtrack and excluding other stuff. And she helped me nail down the final order of the songs, because she's awesome.

EDIT: Over on the excellent LotFP Facebook group, fellow member 智彬 recommended another album by Sunn O))) as well as the work of Moss. I have added both of these to the end of the playlist, as continuations of the 93 Ave. B Blues "event" (see below). Thanks for the great suggestions!

The plan is to start at the beginning of the playlist when the party gets near the top of the mountain (probably around when they find Zeke) and just let it play straight through at low volume, with two exceptions: "Baphomet's Throne" by Samael will be played at the point recommended in the 2014 rewrite of Death Frost Doom, and "93 Ave. B Blues" by Swans will be played if and when a certain major event happens (if you know this adventure, you know what I'm talking about).

There's a good chance that the playlist will be either too short or too long, depending on how things go, but that's okay: I can just repeat things if need be. Hopefully, repeated tracks won't be annoying, since many of the tracks are ambient pieces with few or no vocals.

As always, if you enjoy any of these songs or videos, or use them at your own table, please consider financially supporting the artists responsible. A lot of Swans' albums are sold on their website, for example.

The Official Lamentations of the Fallen Lords Playlist for Death Frost Doom:
1. Celtic Frost - A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh
2. Doom 64 - Map 01 - Staging Area
3. Halloween Horror Music (Forrest Wilson) - The Road to Nothing (I think this is the name of the track - the Youtube video doesn't seem to specify other than providing this link.)
4. Swans - Just A Little Boy (For Chester Burnett)
5. Doom 64 - Map 02 - The Terraformer
6. Nature - Underworld
7. Doom 64 - Map 07 - Research Lab
8. Swans - Some Things We Do
9. Doom 64 - Main Menu Music
10. Sunn O))) - Big Church (megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért)
11. Doom 64 - Map 06 - Alpha Quadrant
12. Nature - Otherworld
13. Sicario (soundtrack) - The Beast
14. Doom 64 - Map 12 - Altar of Pain
15. Swans - I Love You This Much
16. Doom 64 - Map 13 - Dark Citadel
17. Sakrateal - Where the moon rises
18. Doom 64 - Map 20 - Breakdown
19. Sunn O))) - Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself In Clouds
20. Nadja - Radiance of Shadows
21. Doom 64 - Map 18 - Spawned Fear
22. Swans - Helpless Child
23. Doom 64 - Map 10 - The Bleeding
24. Nature - Nightmare
25. Doom 64 - Map 21 - Pitfalls
26. OM - Pilgrimage
27. Doom 64 - Map 08 - Final Outpost
28. Sunn O))) - Aghartha
29. Swans - The Seer
30. Vinterriket - Dark Ambient
31. Samael - Baphomet's Throne
32. Swans - 93 Ave. B Blues
33. Moss - Crypts of Somnambulance
34. Sunn O))) - ØØ Void (the whole album)


  1. Just a comment to say I used this playlist last night and it was incredible, thanks so much to you and your partner :)

    Re timing, I found a recording of winter wind and played that until they reached the graveyard, then put on 'dying god' - works really well.