Thursday, July 21, 2016

Myth Classes - Elf and Goblin

One player in our Lamentations of the Fallen Lords campaign was turned into an Elf when he ingested a magic mushroom. More recently, a new player asked to play a Goblin. Here's how I'm currently handling these classes, keeping my other Myth classes in mind.

Myth Elf
Treat as the Elf class from the LotFP Rules & Magic book, with the following exceptions:

  • Base Attack Bonus increases like that of a Fighter.
  • Can use the Double-Shot and Beneficial Alcoholism abilities of the Myth Warrior.
I'm considering giving the class a form of skill point advancement similar to that of the Myth Dwarf, but I haven't done that yet.

Myth Goblin
Treat as the Myth Dwarf class, with the following exceptions:

  • The Goblin gets a +1 bonus to Intelligence and Charisma (instead of Constitution and Dexterity). The Charisma bonus comes from the ability to fast-talk people and to appear cute in an ugly sort of way, and certainly not from what most people would consider "beauty" or "comeliness."
  • Gains 2 skill points per level after level 1. Can start with any skills.
  • No bonus to AC when not surprised.
  • Hit Dice are d8.
  • Can add Intelligence modifier to any rolls involving Mad Science. What counts as Mad Science is up to the DM's discretion, but the invention of crazy new devices should probably count.
I'm considering either removing the ability to add one's Constitution bonus to one's HP after level 9, the ability to fire a Dwarven mortar with the attack bonus of a Fighter of the same level, or the ability to double the range increments of throwing weapons. Maybe I'll take away two of these, or even all three, and add in another Goblin-exclusive ability or two in exchange.

I should also note that I've recently decided that Myth Dwarves and Goblins can invent new devices using rules similar to the magic item creation rules in the LotFP Rules & Magic book. The Goblin's bonus to Mad Science-related rolls should hopefully come in handy when inventing things. The Dwarf in the party is currently designing a method of reloading a mortar more quickly, while the Goblin is working on a pair of gloves that can self-ignite for use as flaming weapons.

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