Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Casting the Movie of My Campaign

As a DM/GM/Referee, do you ever just tell your players something like "The man in front of you looks like Christopher Walken," or "The voice on the telephone sounds like Tim Curry," or some other celebrity-based shorthand description of an NPC? I might be lazy, but I've found it helpful to do it every once in a while. Therefore, I've decided to beat this idea like a thousand dead horses. If asked (or if the mood struck me), here are the celebrities/actors to whom I would compare many of the NPCs in the Lamentations of the Fallen Lords campaign.

NPCs the players have met:

NPCs the players have yet to meet (This list is subject to change):

Even if you never actually describe your NPCs to the players in terms of real-life look-alikes or sound-alikes, it might be helpful to keep a list of comparisons like this to help keep all of the characters' appearances and personalities straight. Besides, it can be fun to cast your ideal movie adaptation in your head; people seem to do it with books all the time.

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