Sunday, October 21, 2018

Wanted: RPG Rosetta Stone

RPG Conversion Wishlist

1. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1E and 2E ---> B/X D&D and/or Lamentations of the Flame Princess

2. Kult (first English-language edition) ---> Call of Cthulhu

3. Mutant Chronicles ---> Stay Frosty

Mostly it's just monster/NPC statblocks that I care about. Spells, unique items, etc. would be nice, too.

Dear readers: Do any of these conversion guides exist? Are there any games that you wish were more readily compatible?


  1. For Warhammer mashed with B/X, try Small but Vicious Dog. Links found here

    Not tried it myself but interesting concept.

    1. Oh yeah, I really like Small but Vicious Dog. Thanks for posting the link. I definitely recommend that anyone who likes D&D or Warhammer check it out (if they haven't already).

      But as I told someone on G+ earlier, I think SBVD just offers stats for a few specific monsters, rather than offering a guide to converting any monster. Maybe something could be reverse-engineered from that? I'm not sure I'd be knowledgeable enough to figure it out.

    2. Looking at Small but Vicious Dog, it looks like I was wrong. There are indeed general guidelines for converting Warhammer monsters to D&D, and they are more comprehensive and useful than I gave them credit for. Sorry about the mistake, and thanks again for pointing me in the direction of SBVD.