Thursday, May 9, 2024

Gold Box D&D - Final Party Lineup for Champions of Krynn Series?

 As with the Pool of Radiance series, I'd need to settle on a party if I want to play the three Krynn games on the Gold Box engine. In this case, I decided on a slightly modified version of the party used by the CRPG Addict for his excellent blog.

Seriously, I really only changed two characters. I was tempted to replace one of the Knights with a Human Paladin in the second game of the trilogy, or even replace the second Knight with a Human White Mage right from the get-go, but based on what I've read about these games, it really seems like a second Knight is the most powerful/useful/efficient choice here, and I'm afraid of being underpowered for the hardest battles in the second and third games. Unlike the Pool of Radiance series, there's no Dual-Classing in the Krynn series (to the best of my knowledge), but if that feature were included I'd definitely want to replace the second Knight with a White Mage Dual-Classed to a Paladin in the second game, just for the added variety. Maybe the Gold Box Companion would allow me to do that, but I guess my silly gamer instincts are preventing me from indulging in that level of "cheating" for my first playthrough.

Heroic and Adventurous Champions of Krynn

  1. Sir Michale - Lawful Good Human Knight
  2. Sir James - Lawful Good Human Knight
  3. Elizur - Chaotic Good Silvanesti Elf Cleric (of Kiri-Jouth)/Ranger
  4. Magus - Lawful Good Qualinesti Elf Cleric (of Majere)/Fighter/White Mage
  5. Jazid - True Neutral Qualinesti Elf Fighter/Red Mage/Thief
  6. Tamar - Neutral Good Kender Cleric (of Mishakal)/Thief
The names are borrowed from Down in the Dungeon.

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