Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lucius Sanzio, LotFP Magic-User

This is yet another character for an online game of LotFP I'm hoping to play on Facebook. I used this character generator for stats and equipment.

Lucius Sanzio, Magic-User, Chaotic
Male, 5'10" tall, Brown hair and eyes, 29 years old, elaborate clothing
Level 3, 4,500 XP
CHA 8 (-1)
CON 13 (+1)
DEX 11 (+0)
INT 17 (+2)
STR 11 (+0)
WIS 8 (-1)
HP 13/13 = Full HP at first level (1d6+1), 1+Con at second level (1d4+1), 3+Con at third level (1d4+1)
AC 14
Saves: Paralyze 13, Poison 13, Breath 16, Device 13, Magic 14
(+2 to all Magic-Related Saves, -1 to all Mundane Saves)
BAB +1 MAB +1 RAB +1
Skills: Languages 3 (INT Bonus), All Others 1
Weapons: Sword +1 1d8, Dagger +1 1d4, Garotte +1 1d6 (must attack from surprise or grapple), Shortbow +1 1d6
Encumbrance: 12 Items=2 points, Lightly Encumbered
(If stacking of the same item type is allowed, 9 Items=1 point, Unencumbered)
Equipment (I pretty much just gave him first-level starting equipment. Let's say he blew some money wenching.)
Leather Armor*
Standard Sword
2 Daggers
3 Torches
50' Rope
Quiver - 20 Arrows
1 Day's Iron Rations
Steel Mirror*
11 Cp*
Spells Per Day: 2 First Level, 1 Second Level
Spells Known
First Level: Read Magic, Mending, Detect Magic, Shield, Light
Second Level: Locate Object

Hailing from Italy, this explorer of arts dark and arcane has always been cool as ice...except when money or women are involved. He's always been a one-track lover, travelling down a two-way lane. But now that the temperature's too high, he should have known his lovin' was too hot to last...

AHEM. Sorry, let me try this again.

Hailing from Italy, Lucius has traveled to England in search of an elusive spell which is rumored to make charming the ladies as easy (and inexpensive) as breathing. He has already scoured Italy and Spain for such an incantation, and has come to England on the advice of Gareth Meringue, travelling warlock and English expatriate. Unfortunately, he can't seem to keep any coins in his pocket lately, so he needs to find some work before his quest can continue.

And he always finds himself looking over his shoulder, because he knows the mad conjurer Dean Thornton is also after the spell, and he is one tough customer...

He looks like this, except absolutely not nearly as handsome.
(Borrowed from HERE because it was a good image.)

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