Friday, November 15, 2019

We've Got No Class - OPTIONAL 2.6a Upgrade Patch

This is an alternative version of my system of "classless"/multiclass house rules for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Assume everything is the same as in the PDF and Patch 2.6 except where noted.

The purpose of this alternative version is to limit PC advancement to level 12, with everything re-balanced to fit this limit. I originally put the limit at level 14 as a homage to B/X D&D, but lately I've come to think of level 12 as something of a "sweet spot" for upper-level advancement. It's the limit I'm tempted to use if I ever run OD&D without the Greyhawk Supplement, and the number 12 is divisible by 3, so you could easily have a character with their levels split evenly between all three "paths" or classes.

Optional Upgrade 2.6a - Level 12 Limit

Saving Throws
  • Before selecting a Path, every character begins with a 14 in each saving throw category.
  • A bonus Saving Throw Point is awarded at levels 2, 5, 8, and 11.
  • A bonus Skill Point is awarded at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12.
  • Make ONE of the two following changes to the skill list from version 2.5:
    • The functions of the Seamanship skill are now included in the Bushcraft skill.
    • The Architecture and Tinkering skills are combined into one new skill: Engineering.
Fighting Path Bonus Table
Roll 1d6:
  • 1-3: +1 base attack bonus, up to a maximum of +10. If you already have the maximum base attack bonus, choose a different available result.
  • 4: It takes five additional items to gain the first point of encumbrance (as per the Dwarf class in LotFP). If you have already gotten this result once before, see Result 1-3 instead.
  • 5: Increase the amount of damage you do with any weapon (including your bare hands) by 1 die size, following this pattern: 1-->d2-->d3-->d4-->d6-->d8-->d10-->d12-->d20 (the maximum for mundane weapons). If you have already gotten this result once before, see Result 1-3 instead.
  • 6: You get a second attack per round. Also, instead of making a second attack, you can make one extra round's worth of progress toward reloading a weapon. For example, you could fire a light crossbow every round (rather than every other round), or fire a heavy crossbow once every other round (rather than once every three rounds). If you have already gotten this result once before, see Result 1-3 instead.
Experience and Leveling
  • Player Characters are limited in advancement to level 12.
  • Once level 12 is reached, at every additional 128,000 experience points gained, pick an ability score and roll 3d6. If you roll higher than the current ability score, that score increases by 1 point. No ability score can increase above 18.

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