Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hammers of the God Timeline for the Myth Universe

While preparing to run Hammers of the God this Saturday, I lined up the timeline presented in the dungeon's library books with the timeline from the GURPS Myth book (as well as my own small alterations). I figured I would go ahead and post it here as an example of how this kind of thing might look.

All instances of "goblins" in the library books should be replaced with references to Ghols. Similarly, "Giants" should be replaced with Trow, "Elves" should be replaced with Forest Giants, and "Halflings" should be replaced with Fir'Bolg.

I'm listing the stuff from Hammers of the God simply as "Book 1" and so on, because I don't want to spoil the secret Dwarven history presented in the adventure for anyone who hasn't read or played it yet.

No one remembers what "HC" stands for, but it's basically the Myth equivalent of "BC" or "BCE." As for "AE," it stands for "Acit El," which means "Golden Age" in the ancient Bruig language. It refers to the year Clovis founded the Cath Bruig Empire.

The Ages are 1,000-year periods that are considered either "Light" or "Dark," depending on who was in charge of the know world and/or how bad things were for humans in general. The general consensus is that the world changes from Light to Dark and back again every millennium, but recorded history is not long enough to confirm this. The Trow could shed more light on this issue, but they are not very talkative (outside of some rare occasions when they won't shut up), and they might not be reliable narrators anyway.

If my math is wrong, I apologize. The fact that there is no Year 0 kept throwing me off by a year, and I've lost track of how well I've fixed the problem.

One more note: there has been debate online among Myth fans about whether or not the GURPS Myth timeline is accurate. I usually consider things from the computer games more canonical than stuff from the GURPS book, but in this case it was just easier to defer to the book. Please don't take my timeline as definitive outside of this particular RPG campaign. Of course, if you want to create a Myth tabletop campaign of your own, feel free to borrow this timeline if you wish; I just don't want to claim this is accurate to the original source material.

Axe Age (a.k.a. Trow Golden Age) - Prehistory, ending in 570 HC
2147 HC Books 1, 2, and 3
2145 HC Book 4
2079 HC Book 5
2017 HC Book 6
1310 HC Book 7
1102 HC to 973 HC Book 9
1048 HC Book 10
978 HC Book 8
975 HC Book 11
894 HC Book 12
742 to 662 HC Book 13
662 to 657 HC Book 14
658 HC Book 15
634 HC Book 16
570 HC Tireces defeats the first recorded Leveller.

Age of Reason (a.k.a. Golden Age of Man) - 570 HC to 431 AE - A Light Age
562 HC Tireces founds the city of Llancarfan before fading from history.
557 HC Book 17
555 HC Book 18
550 HC Books 19, 20, and 21
543 HC Book 22
517 HC Book 23
516 to 504 HC Book 29
515 HC Book 24
514 HC Book 25
513 HC Book 26
510 HC Book 27
509 HC Book 28
502 HC Book 30
501 to 489 HC Book 31
499 HC Book 33
491 HC Book 32
489 to 486 HC Book 44
489 to 488 HC Book 45
489 HC Books 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, and 41
488 HC Books 42 and 43
488 HC Book 46
488 to 487 HC Book 47
487 HC Books 48, 49, and 50
486 HC Books 51 and 52
485 HC Books 53, 54, 55, and 56
482 HC Book 57
481 HC Book 58
470 HC Book 59
469 to 395 HC Book 60
374 HC Book 61
113 HC Books 62 and 63
94 HC Book 64
77 HC Books 65, 66, and 67
76 to 74 HC Book 68
75 HC Book 69
75 to 74 HC Book 70
73 HC Books 71 and 72
67 HC Book 73
1 AE Clovis founds the Cath Bruig Empire. Llancarfan is renamed Muirthemne.
180 AE The Trow enslave the Oghres and several other species. Some claim this was also around the time the Trow invented ironworking, while other accounts insist they possessed iron tools since the Axe Age. One possibility is that the Trow refined their metalworking techniques this year, boosting their technological capabilities in the realms of construction and military endeavors.
431 AE A comet heralds the arrival of Moagim, the next Leveller. He summons the Myrkridia to the world of Myth before an unknown hero defeats him.

Wind Age - 431 AE to 1431 AE - A Dark Age
631 AE Book 74
644 AE Book 75
920 AE Book 76
1338 AE Books 77, 78, and 79
1343 to 1346 AE Book 80
1346 Book 81
1352 Books 82 and 83
1389 Book 84
1391 Book 85
1431 AE A comet heralds the rebirth of Moagim, the Leveller. The hero Connacht begins his war on the Myrkridia.

Wolf Age (a.k.a. Age of Light) - 1431 AE to 2431 AE - A Light Age
1431 to 1440 AE Events of Myth III: The Wolf Age. This is changed slightly from the dates listed in the game.
1435 AE The Oghres rebel against the Trow, and the Trow respond by driving them to extinction. In a fit of self-disgust, the Trow give up iron.
1436 AE Book 86
1440 to 1462 AE Connacht reigns as Emperor. Some accounts claim this is when the Heron Guards became the Journeymen.
1443 AE Book 87
1445 AE Book 88
1445 to 1451 AE Book 89 - Change "King Jeremiah" to "Emperor Connacht."
1541 AE Book 90
1541 to 1543 AE Book 91
1541 AE Books 92 and 93
1578 AE Book 94
1580 AE Books 95 and 96
1583 to 1585 AE Book 97
1584 Book 98
1585 AE Books 99 and 100.
2181 AE Balor begins building his forces in the east. He enslaves the Myrmidons by tricking them into a magical pact.
2311 to 2331 AE The Twenty Years' War takes place in the Province, which becomes semi-independent from the Empire.
2422 AE Balor summons the Fetch to the world of Myth.
2431 AE Balor and the Fallen Lords begin their invasion. They burn Muirthemne and the surrounding lands with magical fire, creating the Barrier. Some accounts claim this is when the Heron Guards became the Journeymen.

Sword Age - 2431 AE to Present - "Should" be a Dark Age, but many believe the cycle to be broken.
2458 AE Pirates of Leix loot Tyr. The Avatara Maeldun takes revenge on the pirates.
2463 AE The government of the Province, the Dwarves (fleeing their Ghol-infested cities), the Journeymen and "Berserks" from east of the Cloudspine, and the Forest Giants officially join forces, and the Great War begins in earnest. Some accounts claim that the Fir'Bolg joined the Light coalition at this time, as well.
2465 and 2466 AE The Light forces hold back the Dark at Bagrada.
2467 AE The Light forces repel the Dark at Seven Gates.
2468 AE The Forest Giants fail to appear. The Dark forces make it through the under-defended Cloudspine and raze Covenant.
2471 AE The Dark forces sack Tyr.
2473 AE The Nine, composed of the remaining Avatara, take command of the forces of Light.
2476 AE Some sources claim this is the year the Fir'Bolg joined the forces of Light.
2480 to 2481 AE Events of Myth: The Fallen Lords.
2481 AE Strangely, the comet heralding the coming of the Leveller does not appear until this year, instead of the expected year of 2431 AE.
2517 AE Soulblighter recruits the Fetch. He also starts teaching necromancy to human mages.
2527 AE Soulblighter begins recruiting bandits, outlaws, and other human misfits as infantry and archers.
2540 to 2541 AE Events of Myth II: Soulblighter.
2550 AE The Heron Guards, restored to their former glory, begin teaching their healing arts and other magic to civilians, leading to the creation of a second order of Journeymen.
2562 AE By this year, most of the World Knots have been repaired and "reprogrammed" to only function with the use of Key Pendants. These pendants and the use of the World Knots are carefully controlled by the imperial government.
2692 AE Under mysterious circumstances, Emperor Alric abdicates the throne and disappears. His successor, Emperor Myrdred, takes the throne. Conspiracy theories abound for some time that this is the same Myrdred once known as The Deceiver, a Fallen Lord, but all credible accounts claim that The Deceiver died explosively in battle. Most doubts are put to rest when Emperor Myrdred proves to be a just and capable ruler.
2822 AE Regulations on the use of World Knots are greatly relaxed, although the ownership of Key Pendants is still tracked carefully.
2841 AE The Lamentations of the Fallen Lords campaign begins.
3431 AE Assuming the Cycle is not broken, this is a possible future return date of the Leveller.
3481 AE Assuming the Cycle is not broken, this is another possible future return date of the Leveller.


  1. "1 AE Clovis founds the Cath Bruig Empire. Llancarfan is renamed Muirthemne."

    How could it have been renamed in year 1 AE? By popular consensus, this name change hadn't occurred until much later, effected through one of Connacht's edicts he issued when becoming Emperor during the Wind Age (431 AE through 1430 AE).

    1. That could have been a mistake on my part. On the other hand, I mostly ignored Myth III in this campaign, so if this information comes from that game, I probably just considered it non-canon for my purposes. My attitude toward Myth III was "If something in the game is cool and doesn't contradict anything else too badly, I'll keep it. Otherwise, I'll ignore it."

      I used the GURPS Myth book to help construct this timeline - yes, its value as canon is also dubious, but the timeline was handy, and this was MY version of the Myth universe, so whatever - and the book seems to imply that Clovis changed the name of the city the same year he officially founded the Empire. It made enough sense to me that I just rolled with it.

      If nothing else, you could just say that things probably just happened differently in my campaign's timeline than in the Myth video games. My campaign involved a lot of time travel and parallel universe shenanigans, after all.