Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Munchkin: A Joke Class for LotFP

I'm sure this is not balanced.

Munchkin, "Master" of Min/Maxing

The Munchkin is a paranoid, greedy, selfish little creature. It leverages it's unusual abilities to try and overcome its shortcomings. This would be admirable if it wasn't a little bastard.


-Saves as Halfling
-Can Press, Fight Defensively, and Parry like a Fighter.
-Starts with 2 points in Stealth and Sneak Attack. Increases to 3 at Level 4, 4 at Level 7, 5 at Level 10, and 6 at Level 13.
-Only surprised on a 1 in 6, like an Elf.
-Immune to sleep, charm, hold, and cold spells, and all fear effects.
-Can carry 5 additional items before gaining the first encumbrance point, like a Dwarf.
-AC bonus of 1 when not surprised, like a Halfling.
-Can Exasperate like an Alice (from A Red & Pleasant Land).
-Could do rituals like a Sorcerer from Carcosa if the proper items and places and beings were available.
-At character creation, always starts with 180 silver pieces. If being created at higher than Level 1, starts with 180 silver pieces plus 180 more per level greater than 1.

-Starts with 1 HP and gains 1 HP per level.
-Cannot apply CON bonus to HP.
-Experience requirements as Elf.
-Weapon restrictions as Halfling (no large weapons, for example).
-Each of the Munchkin's ability scores cannot exceed 9. Re-roll any higher ones. At character creation, the Munchkin never counts as "unsuitable" for play due to low ability scores. Even through magical means, the Munchkin's abilities scores cannot be raised above 12.
-Base Attack Bonus is +1, and never increases due to experience level.
-Must be Chaotic.
-Burned by holy water like an Elf.
-Affected by Cleric spells like an Elf.
-If the Munchkin dies, all copper, silver, and gold in the Munchkin's possession at that time turn to dirt.
-Smells bad.

P.S. No offence is intended toward those who are short in height or small in stature (ask my wife and parents). Only those short on cooperation and imagination.

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