Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Too Many Books - In Which I Complain About Being Poor

So Gen Con is coming up. James Raggi is going to be there hawking his wares and presumably answering questions with "Because fuck you, that's why" between mouthfuls of Raggi-Os. This presents me with a familiar situation in such unfamiliar surroundings - I want to buy things, and things cost money. My original plan was to pick up these items:

If I'm correct about the prices, that puts me in the neighborhood of $175. It's hard on the wallet, but my wife and I have been saving up for this occasion, and we budgeted for my tendencies toward obsessive collecting. (She has a similar fixation on collecting dice, which comes in handy.) Besides, it's better to buy this stuff in person than order them and tack on the cost of shipping.

Here's the problem, or rather pair of problems:

So now I'm debating on which book(s) from my original list to drop so I can afford one or both of these. The problem with doing that is that if I don't buy these at Gen Con, I might never be able to convince myself to buy them (England Upturn'd and The Cursed Chateau excluded) because I already bought them in PDF and I can't justify the shipping costs to myself. Alas and alack. Too many books.

Anyone want to meet in a tavern and see if there are any rumors floating around regarding dungeons full of loot? just occurred to me that dungeon delving for quick cash is kind of like the fantasy equivalent of taking out a payday loan. It's gonna cost ya.


  1. You've probably thought of this, but Gen Con is also one of the best opportunities out there to unload any game stuff of value you have sitting around. I went for the first time last year, and after travel and room costs figured I wouldn't be buying much of anything. Dropped a couple of items off at the store and was amazed at how quickly they sold, allowing me to at least get a few impulse buys in. Good luck and have fun!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I hadn't even considered that.