Monday, February 15, 2016

I Finally Caved In

Since I usually buy RPG materials as PDFs instead of in print due to the lower cost, I didn't think I'd ever bother buying a Pembrooktonshire Gardening Society membership. But then I read the following post from James Raggi on Google+ and found myself too tempted by the 8-page playtest rules update (not to mention GDF #6) to pass up a membership again:

"Still waiting on word on when the new books will be ready (I'm guessing a couple more weeks).

When the books (World of the Lost, Towers Two, plus reprints of RPL and the R&M book) are released, there will also be two bonus items available:

The first will be the return of the Green Devil Face zine. GDF #6 is almost 13000 words of gaming weirdness, and  from Paul Keigh, John McCollum, Andre Novoa, Christopher Paul, and Gord Sellar. 250 copies will be printed and it will be sold at cost.

I was going to have a bit there but my recent illnesses slowed everything down. What I will have is an 8-page playtest rules update for the next (not this current one at the printer now!) printing of LotFP. 300 copies will be printed as a first-look sort of thing, and will be sent free to Gardening Society members with orders while supplies last. If you're a Gardening Society member and you backed World of the Lost or Towers Two, you're covered, if not... be a Gardening Society member and order someone once the new books hit the store and the pamphlet will be yours! If you're not already a member... join!"

-James Raggi
(Is there a way to link directly to specific Google+ posts? Man, I suck at interneting.)

Well played, Mr. Raggi. Well played. I live in the U.S., but it looks like I'll be buying hard copies from Europe again. Hey, at least I can feel good about supporting the author/publisher directly instead of making him split the profits with a third party. And it's not like the products are poor quality or anything: I have a few LotFP books in print, and they're nicely put together. I have no complaints. Here's hoping I can snag one of those limited-time items!

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